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The magazine is an exciting family magazine that could be read by all the members of the family including the children. Its a magazine with a difference, unlike any other. 
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We  announce the opening of --> VISNOMY competitions and welcomes entries from all.
But first you should all know what are we talking about. So here are a few facts, and can we live without fiction? No, so some of those fictions and some half baked, half done, rare, fafictions!!

Fafiction - noun - used first at 'Vester' dictionary - meaning in between fact and fiction, the grey area between white and black. other usage Fafict - verb i.e. to fafict and Fafictive - adjective i.e. being fafictive.
VISNOMY was first used in popular English literature: sometime before 1822. Visnomy \Vis"no*my\, noun. [Contr. from physiognomy.]

************************ --> VISNOMY Competitions ****************************

To enter the VISNOMY Competition please see below for details.

Competition 1. Visnomy - Entries are welcome based on the word "Visnomy" (see the word meaning above) It could be a fiction, non-fiction, an article, a poetry or an illustration. For word pieces the limits are 1000-3000. For illustrations the size is A4.

Competition 2. Fafictions - Entries are open for those stories that hang in between fact and fiction or in between two opposites. The word limits are between 1000 words to 5000 words.

Competition 3. Fiction - Entries are open to all kinds of fiction belonging to any genre as long as it is a great read. The words limits are between 2000 words to 10,000 words.

Competition 4. Articles - All subjects are welcome as V knows how intelligent our readers are so feel free but whatever you talk about talk well and talk easy. V are looking for clear and concise but very interesting articles. Photos are okay to be accompanied with the pieces but they should all be in .jpeg form with very high resolutions. The words limits are from 1000 words to 3000 words.

Competition 5. Poetry and/or Pofictry (meaning poetry with fiction )- Contemporary poems are welcome, it needs to be either touching V's heart or tickling the intelligence or just too interesting to ignore. The words limits are not something V likes but something V are forced to take into account due to space limits. So for this they are between 150 words to 1000 words.

The email for submission is
Your information will not be distributed at any times and will remain in strict confidentiality with only us as per the Data Protection Act.