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About Us

Welcome to J Publishing Company website. 

We are an independent trade publishers.We publish quality literature that will form a new platform from which twenty first century writers will be discovered. At present we are interested to publish books by Asian Women Writers or Women writing on Asian themes. However we are open to all quality literature irrespective of any gender, race, age or any other dividers of humanity. We are therefore looking for authors with excellent writing skills that match our high standards. Our list will contain a wide range of subjects both fiction and non fiction, and we look forward to produce a variety of interesting and readable books for all ages and tastes.

New Writers
We think ahead in the world of publishing. We aim to give equal attention if not more to the new writers alongside our published authors. In the world of publishing it is becoming desirable for new authors to get on the publishing ladder and attain success with their books. The current economic climate has opened many avenues in publishing which has allowed us to take on a large number of new writers through both Traditional Mainstream and Partnership Opportunities, which includes a full editorial, production and marketing plan. We understand new writers can become disheartened when rejected by publishers. Our view is to never say no. Some of the most successful writers were once in the exactly same position as you are in now so there is always hope for new writers. Please view our submission guidelines page on how to submit and which genres are most commonly accepted to our editors.
Submissions are considered from a wide variety of authors around the world. We aspire to bring fresh ideas into print and originality is a key quality we look for when considering manuscripts.

Our Green Policy
Conservation of the planet is a policy to which we adherer in all our actions wherever possible. We use recycled material at work creating an atmosphere that also encourages author participation. Our future policy will continue to extend the promotion of adhering to the protection of the planet. 

For more information about the company, or on any of our future titles, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Authors seeking publication with us may wish to study the Submission Guidelines page of this website, before sending work to us.