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The Transcendent Mind by Sunita Pattani

The Transcendent Mind
The Missing Peace in Emotional Wellbeing

“When we start to go beyond observing and managing the ego mind, we begin to realise that we are in fact not just this ego mind, but additionally we are something far greater, interconnected with everything else, forming one universal truth. The question, ‘Who am I?’ asks that we entertain the notion that we are more than just the body and ego mind. It asks that we expand our awareness about ourselves and perhaps consider the place where psychology and mysticism meet.”

In this book, Sunita Pattani proposes the concept of a Transcendent Mind and how it relates to emotional healing. In an age where depression, stress and anxiety have become such common terms, she asks that we deepen our approach and begin to question who we are at the very core.
Pattani discusses why exploring the link between science, spirituality and phenomena such near-death experiences, is essential to long-term emotional healing, and guides you through the key concepts that you need to apply in order to live more of a peaceful life.