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My Secret Affair with Chocolate Cake

By Sunita Pattani
From early teens, my relationship with food looked like endless diets with lots of secret affairs with ‘forbidden foods’ in between. Each year the struggle to lose the weight got harder, and the waist got bigger. Until one day I made a profound discovery. The answer to long-term successful weight loss was not ‘out there’, but instead in a place so unbelievably close to me, that I didn’t even think to look…

Are you tired of overeating, restrictive eating and constantly obsessing over the scales?
Do you feel guilty or get angry at yourself after you’ve eaten certain foods?
Do you find yourself yo-yoing between different weights and are you desperate to find a balance?
Do you want to learn how to stop eating emotionally?

If you’ve finally had enough of dieting, restrictive eating or bingeing, then it’s time to try something new! These simple yet powerful strategies will help you to unlock your natural body weight and maintain it…
Welcome to freedom!